Thursday, 1 September 2011

Baptism of Mud, Sand, Air and Spills!

Picked up the bike from Martin at Torque Racing last night all prepped with new progressive springs and Barkbuster hand guards so what better than to put it through it's paces?

At last I finally managed to get a whole day of off roading in.  Chris at Ride Any Road had very generously offered to take all of us out trail riding, unfortunately we couldn't get all three of us together on one day but Chris was able to take me out today and Jason and Jon will sort out another day with him later on.

What a day!! We pretty much covered everything as we seeked out the byways of Beds and Herts;- grass, mud, puddles, ruts, ascents, descents, jumps and even sand.  Excellent preparation for just about all we're likely to encounter (apart from dunes) and some.

I finally got to see what both the bike any myself was capable of.  Needless to say the bike was more capable than me........I'm certainly gonna be a bit sore in the morning!!    The new Hyperpro springs felt great even when getting a bit of air under both wheels.

All in all fantastic preparation for what we are about to embark on, all at a steady pace gradually progressing in difficulty throughout the day.  I can't recommended it highly enough for anyone who's considering taking their bike off road.

Thanks again Chris

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